Business & Tourism as Travel Restriction eases in the Philippines

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Tammy : Hi Everyone, It’s been a while since we did another podcast, we got a little busy with something, but anyway, I’m happy to update you all about the Philippines, and of course It’s gonna be exciting to share it with Ray.

Ray : Hi Tammy, and hi everyone, I hope all of you are doing well these days, and I’m glad that you are starting a positive conversation here Tammy. As you know, these days are full of uncertainties and we all don’t know what the future holds. So it’s really nice to see people who are still positive given the situation in the world.

Tammy : Well, it’s really hard to be positive these days, especially when you are watching the world news. I don’t wanna talk about it because this podcast is purely for positive issues and to help entrepreneurs build their business. 

Ray : That’s right, how are you these days?

Tammy : I’m good. We’re doing a lot better now here, and the Philippine election is coming up this may, and everyone is getting ready to choose the next president. Economy is getting better as well, as establishments and businesses are fully operational. 

Ray : So this is good news. 

Tammy : Yes, it is! What about you, how are you?

Ray : I’m good, I’m busy with a lot of stuff here. So what are we going to talk about today?

Tammy : That’s great to hear! Well, as you know I really wanted to share with our listeners about the Philippines, and how it finally opened its economy after 2 years of pandemic here. A lot of things have changed already. And finally now the door is open for foreigners and tourists. 

Ray : Well, that’s great! Economy is finally going back to normal, right?

Tammy : That’s what we all hope for. But even though we are affected with the things happening in other countries, like some oil prices going up and etc. There’s no need for Filipinos to panic.

Ray : Cool! If it’s still under control. But hopefully it is just temporary.

Tammy : That’s what I believe. Anyway, like I said we are going to talk about the Philippine tourism and businesses as travel restrictions ease. 

Ray : Yes, Can you share some insights about what is happening now there, how’s the Philippines?

Tammy : After the surge last January, a lot of tourists are already planning to spend their vacation here, especially that summer is just around the corner, and beaches here are undeniably beautiful. 

Ray : But what about the cases? Is it safe to travel there?

Tammy : Well, cases are few already, praying it won’t go up again. So you can come here anytime now! But plane bookings are getting full already, because of tourists coming here. So for those who are planning to visit and spend their vacation here, you now book early.

Ray : Of course, with the relaxation of restrictions, there will be chances of higher bookings, and I hope they are ready to accommodate increases in flight frequencies in the coming months.

Tammy : True, and most of the tourists are also Filipinos working and living there. And travelers are also inquiring which are popular tourist destinations here.

Ray : As you know, tourists are the number one people who bring money in the country, so when a country is open for tourists, it’s already a good sign. 

Tammy : I agree with you, It’s really a good sign after years of closed borders. They say tourism is the success of many economies around the world. And there are several benefits of tourism.

Ray : Yes, tourism boosts the revenue of the economy.

Tammy : True, actually there are several reasons why tourism is important, tourist industry pays very well. 

Ray : Not only that, tourism supports low – income countries as well as good rural areas. 

Tammy : Of course, tourism preserves culture too! And travel has many benefits!

Ray : Travel is also known to boost a person’s happiness and lower their stress.

Tammy : Precisely! And now let’s go back to what are the things that can affect a country when there are tourists. For example here in the Philippines, the more the tourists coming here, the more money is coming here as well. 

Ray : Yes, that’s true. And I believe that in other countries as well. Aside from bringing money into the country, It support foreign exchange earnings. And the more tourists come to the country, the more jobs are available in the country. 

Tammy : Oh yeah! When countries were locked down, closed their borders, many people were laid off from their jobs. One example here is the pilots and stewardess. No tourists, no flights coming in and out of the country, so business is bad and the solution was to lay off some employees. But now that tourists are here and there, people are getting back their jobs. 

Ray : What about the business? How affected are they?

Tammy : Like I mentioned, the positive effect is that since money is coming in, it means good business, and they were able to hire their employees again. And aside from the economy going up again, it means that stocks are getting better too! 

Ray : When you say stocks are getting better. Then does that mean many investors are going to invest in your stocks or invest in the Philippines?

Tammy : That’s what I believe, but I’m not saying that many investors are investing now. Remember we just opened our borders, most probably it will take a few months or so to have investors back here again. 

Ray : Yes, that’s true, it will be gradual.

Tammy : Yes, of course. Little by little. Actually I wanted to share with you and to our listeners that the Philippine market is one of the best markets you can target. Which I already mentioned in some of our podcasts. 

Ray : I also believe in that, because aside from the Philippines having many consumers, it’s easy to sell things there through shopee and lazada. Which Filipinos are very fond of using as their online shopping. 

Tammy : True, they can spend 1-2 hours browsing through the app for shopping. Other than the top 2 apps, they are also fond of using zalora, carousell for second hand items. So yes, again if you are planning to enter the Philippine market, and wanna know how, you may email us at for more information. 

Ray : That’s right, so yes, good thing that the Philippine economy is getting better. 

Tammy : Yes, so if you are interested in which product you want to sell, or if you already have a product in mind or you want to expand your business here. Just let us know! Because we are here to help you!

Ray : That’s it! Thanks Tammy for today. See you next week!

Tammy : Thanks Ray and everyone, have a good day!

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