China Service Offerings

Interested in expanding in Mainland China? We can help you grow your business into China with the following services.

Let Unipro help you with your Mainland China business services. From start to finish, here are the ways we can help you establish and grow your business.

Company Incorporation & Secretary Services


Company Incorporation

  • Company Documents
  • 1 Year Tenancy Agreement
  • Shareholders Legalization Documents
  • Real Name Verification
  • Business License
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Yearly Renewal

  • 1 Year Address
  • Business License
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Bank Help

  • Arrange Appointment
  • Review Documents
  • Print Documents in Advance
  • Capital Account
  • Basic Deposit Account
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  • Transfer To Us
  • Annual Inspection
  • 1 Year Address
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Bookkeeping and Tax Filing



  • Advising
  • Input Transactions
  • Reporting
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Tax Filing

  • Tax Calculation
  • Tax Report
  • VAT, Corporate & Personal Income Tax Filing
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And Even More Services!

We want to be your long term partner in Mainland China Below we have a full list of services, please contact us for more details and full quotation.

Intellectual property registration



Cloud system implementation and technical support

Accounting system

Company maintenance

Company annual return and business registration certificate renewal

Working visa

Apply director or employee working visa


Assist invoicing

Account receivable management

Account receivable aging reporting

Accounting Service

Financial reporting



This was well worth the wait. I can’t wait to get started right away. It’s so cool, I’m telling everyone I know!

– Maria A.


Common Questions

How does cloud accounting work?

Firstly, client sends us original data through cloud document sharing platform or by logistic. When we receive the data, we will then perform classification immediately.
Data are input into the cloud accounting system, and synchronize with desktop computer, tablet and mobile phone. Lastly, client can view company financial information by accessing mobile devices anytime anywhere they want.

What’s included in my purchase?

Everything that we just talked about. Review the site again if you forget, because it’s all typed right there. Just kidding. It’s all here, and we will send a clear outline by email once you confirm exactly your needs.

Why Us?

Our strength is to use the Internet Cloud Technology to integrate every single business process. We will take care everything about your company finance, and create future.

How do I pay?

You can pay for your purchase online with your credit card or Paypal.