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Tammy : Hi Ray, today’s topic is not about business or helping entrepreneurs  with their start-up business. It’s more about the people working in a company. 

Ray : Yes, this is a great topic since there is a new normal set up for some of the  company, and not only that, some might be also suffering from the pandemic that gives them hard time working.

Tammy : That’s right, Ray! Let’s tackle the emotional and physical that the employee might be experiencing. Like how they might be going through in these challenging times. 

Ray : Great, but you as a company employee, how are you?

Tammy : Oh! As a company employee of Unipro Hong Kong. I am grateful so much for working in the company for 2years, having friendly colleagues and a kind boss, who understands his employees everytime. This makes our work so much easier. You know, being an employee is difficult,  because you have to report to work, meet the deadline and have a meeting with the boss who gives you anxiety, well sometimes.. But in Unipro Consulting Limited,  it is so much fun! You won’t feel any anxiety or stress, because all people work and help each other.

Ray : It’s so nice to hear that! It is very important to understand each other especially during this time. We might not know what everyone is going through right now, that’s why listening and understanding your employees is very important. Task or job is always there, but maybe giving consideration is also something everyone should need to consider. 

How is it working in a Company for the employee

Tammy : Yes, I agree with all you mentioned, so for me working in a healthy environment makes work so much easier. But what about other employees working in a company whether it is big or small? 

Ray : Maybe, I personally think that big companies might have a difference with the small company. Given the changes that we have to adapt to now, workload might get heavier compared to the normal before. As Digital formation is being set up gradually, everyone should learn new techniques and strategies.

Tammy : Of course, there are old-fashioned companies or employees who prefer to write down minutes compared to typing it on the computer. Examples like that: that employee is facing hard times. Everyone is learning step by step. 

Ray : Yes, and therefore, consideration, flexibility and understanding are the things you might want to add in your list to consider.

Tammy : Yes, because the truth is, many people are suffering or have been affected to the new normal. To have a happy and healthy workplace for everyone, things need to change as well. Example in the Philippine, now that we are in General Community Quarantine, meaning, some offices have opened already,  while some can still have a choice to work from home. Some people lose their job, while some are still surviving. And these people develop depression, anxiety and stress in their life. 

Does the employee get affected by the new set-up

Ray : And of course, these people got affected by the new set-up. For example, people who need to report to offices are having anxiety whenever they go out of their house, like maybe they are thinking that they might bring home the virus whenever they step out of the house. While for the employee who can continue to work from home, might have a lot of tasks to finish, and afraid that they might not be able to meet deadlines. 

Tammy : Agree! To add to that, your internet connection, of course, when you have a poor internet connection, this will cause you a lot of trouble, I guess. They say that remote working is easier, which I Personally think is, maybe easier than physically working in the office. 

Ray : Well, for sure, this saves you so much time from traveling to the office, well, it will have pros and cons for the employee or the company. 

Tammy : Yes yes, there will always be pros and cons. And you know what, a total of 81% of the global workforce of 3.3 billion people have had their workplace fully or partly closed. So this means a lot of employees have no job right now. 

Ray: And nearly 200 million people could end up out of work. The outbreak is expected to wipe out 6.7% of working hours across the world during the second quarter of 2020. That is the equivalent of 195 million full-time workers losing their jobs. There is a high risk that the end-of-year worldwide unemployment figure will be much higher than an initial, like 25 million people.

Tammy : Oh, this is a crazy world right now. And everybody needs to survive. Actually, for those who are working, they have shifted their hours to maybe around 4hours a day. Less salary as well. The economy is fluctuating. We don’t know when it will be stable as of now, but hopefully it will be stable at early next year. 

Ray : I hope so too! So now being said that people are adapting to the new normal, employees experience anxiety, depression and stress as I mentioned earlier. 

Tammy : Yes. I know a few you develop this sickness during the lockdown period. Once cause is that too much pressure they have. They are emotionally unstable and physically drained. 

Ray : As I read in some articles, retail businesses are the most at risk while the one in agriculture are low risk.

Tammy : Retail business is surely at risk as few people are going out these days. 

Ray : How do they cope and how will the company help their people with this situation? 

How do they cope and how does the company help their employees

Tammy : Well, since you’ve mentioned that employees are experiencing anxiety, depression and stress, companies should support their employees by having a mental and health check maybe once or twice a month if it is not too much.

Ray : Aside from that, companies should also provide flexibility, companies to require managers to have open conversations with their employees about how and when work can be accomplished – without intruding on employees’ privacy – and offer a wider range of options for flexibility, such as more leeway when assignments need to be turned in or adjusting work hours per day to allow more time to care for children and others.

Tammy : Of course, when you work at home, your family is there too that you have to take care of, in addition, when you work from home, you don’t know when to stop. Well, this is my personal experience. Since I work from home, I just keep on working and working, even if it’s late at night already. So people should rest and know when to stop. 

Ray : Yes, know when to stop. Also companies should encourage and host a virtual social time. 

Tammy : Yes! Because being in this new normal, socialization is impossible since we don’t want to spread the virus.  And supportive interactions with work colleagues, and  Employers should encourage their workers to find time to have virtual coffees, lunches or even happy hours with their colleagues. And managers could continue to mark birthdays or other milestones with video conference calls and other methods.

Ray : This actually sounds like a fun, virtual party. And of course, employers should also foster positive coping, as you know The pandemic is increasing people’s fear and stress level, which can have fatal consequences.

Tammy : True! Fortunately, there are plenty of apps and websites that can act as temporary substitutions. Employers can help by directing their employees to the ones they’ve vetted – and offering to foot the bill.

Ray : Maybe a consistent and clear communication about health risks, preventative measures and available resources is the best way for company leaders to keep their employees safe and foster well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tammy : Yes! I may not be experiencing these, but it feels great talking about this, as we want to help the people to feel better, right?

Ray : That’s right, Tammy. And I hope we have helped them a little with this topic, this is something new since we are mostly discussing business in our podcast. 

Tammy : True! Praying that everything will be okay soon.

Ray : That’s right Tammy, Stay safe everyone!

Tammy : Stay safe Ray!

Ray : Bye

Tammy : Bye!

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