Fixed Landline Business Phone Number

We partner with our local telecommunication provider to offer you a Hong Kong Business Fixed Line Phone Number with mobility features.

It includes a mobile App that allows you to take your office number on the go with your smartphone. Through its VoIP functions, it enables you to receive and make calls displaying your business number over your existing cellular service or via the Internet such as Wi-Fi or cellular data network.

Features and Benefits

Business Address Proof

We understand that a business address proof is always asked when you are trying to subscribe financial services. With a fixed line business phone number bill, it would serve as a reasonable business address proof.

Office On The Go

Receive and make calls on a unified business number via smartphone for superior convenience


Through Internet Call Mode, eliminate roaming charges with calls made via Wi-Fi or cellular data network* when traveling overseas


Switch between 2 calling modes with a simple click to receive and make calls using your business identity

Business Line Features

Comprehensive telephone line features to meet all your business needs

Cost Effective

Eliminate expenditure on office phones and software licenses

* May incur additional charges or data roaming fees from mobile operator.

How It Works

Flexibly switch between 2 Calling Modes

Mobile Call ModeInternet Call Mode
(Via Mobile App)
VoIP FeatureNoYes
Office number as Caller ID DisplayYesYes
Mobile network calling minutes counted?YesNo
Data connection required for calls?Yes. Only briefly for placement of outbound callsYes. Required for entire phone conversation^
When to use?In Hong Kong– When traveling overseas
– When under a stable network connection
^ May incur additional charges or data roaming fees from the mobile operator.

Business Broadband Internet

We partner with our local telecommunication provider to offer you a reliable broadband connection and wide broadband coverage.

Key Features

Stable Network9​9.99% network availability supported by our extensive optical fibre backbone.
Wide CoverageOur network covers most of the major commercial areas in Hong Kong.
Advanced TechnologyDeployment of GigaEthernet technology to ensur​e speedy connection and minimise the risk of congestion.
High-speed BandwidthSymmetrical upload and download bandwidth is available up to 1,000Mbps* for efficiently​ implement to all Internet applications.
Versatile Service PlanA choice of dynamic IP address, single fixed IP address or multiple fixed IP addresses for your own setup of web server, email server, video conferencing equipment, e-commerce and other Internet based application.
​​Close Monitoring24 x 7 network monitoring.​​