How to open your Singapore Offshore company

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Why Singapore? Simply because it is the most excellent choice in Asia Pacific for international trade. And did you know that Singapore is ranked top 1 in the world by the World bank, the top politically stable country and world’s best labor force.

Great choice for setting up your company right? But when and how are you going to start your own Singapore offshore company? I will list down the things you need to know and the things you need for setting up your company. We have already mentioned how to easily set up your company. But today we will be elaborating more about the details. 

And here are the things you need to know about Singapore Offshore company formation other than they have intellectual property protection, they are also well-developed capital markets, 100% foreign ownership and no exchange control. Financial system is very reputable; Attractive Tax Rates compared and it is actually a corruption free environment.

There are 5 ideals for Singapore company registration  :

  1. Intellectual Property ownership (Trademark, patents)
  2. Investment Holding Company
  3. E-commerce Business
  4. International Trade
  5. Financial Corporations

Now, let’s get started on how to register your Singapore Offshore company in these easy steps:

  1. Preparation
  • List down your potential company names and check if taken, otherwise reserve it right away.
  • Director and it’s responsibilities
  • Bank accounts

     2. Filing documents such as: Directors/ shareholders information, along with percent of share owned, company address.

    3. Payment for filing and services

   4. Successfully registered. You will be receiving your company documents such as company registration, company certificate and other supporting documents for bank account opening and for other purposes.

You may also get our services for the company secretary for easier managing your company; paperworks? Don’t worry! We’ll handle them for you! Company address? This will be easier as well when opening your Singapore Company as you can open without you in Singapore! Great right? bookkeeping? Yes! We’ll do the math for you!  

You may message or email us for consultation and we are very happy to assist you

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