How to Sell Online in the Philippines

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Selling online is actually the most convenient way nowadays, less hassle-free I must say. Not only that you don’t need a physical shop and a sales person, you also don’t need to pay a high price for your rent. For online shops, you just need a computer, a stable internet connection, a good marketing strategy and a designer for your website, if you can’t do the designing. However, if your online business gets bigger, you must hire an online customer service representative or virtual assistant to help you run your business. 

Tammy : Hi Ray! How have you been upto these past few days? 

Ray : Hi Tammy, I’m great, …….

Tammy : Good to hear that Ray, today’s topic is actually more on the Philippine eCommerce that I would like to share to everybody. 

Ray : Great! I want to hear that, I remember in our previous discussion regarding the Philippine eCommerce that it is getting bigger since the lockdown there, that’s right, right?

Tammy : Yes, Ray. Up until today it’s getting bigger and better with a lot of options of online platforms to sell. Actually, that’s what I’d like to share today.

Ray : sure, can you tell us more about the process or how to sell in the Philippines?

Tammy : Okay, as you know, Apart from selling in Lazada, shopee or the big online selling platform, here in the Philippines, there are a lot of small online platforms that you can use to sell your products. 

Ray : Like example?

Tammy : example is the Viber, not sure if you or others are familiar with this, it is an app that you can download from your cellphone, maybe like whatsapp or wechat. And they use this platform to sell their products here, I think it’s easier for people to just post and send to the group.

Ray : Oh, I didnt know that you can use that platform to sell your products, is it like a shop?

Tammy : hmmm, not really, You just create a photo or an image of your products then send to the group, buyers will just scroll the message and check if there are products that they need or interested with. Some buyers will just send messages for the things that they are looking at in the group, then people will send them private messages and offer their products. 

Ray : That’s so easy and at the same time, less time to connect with the buyer and seller.

Tammy : That’s right ray, less work and time, however, there are certain rules for each group. Like, you can only post 2x a day, morning and evening, or some can only post once so that the group won’t be flooded with advertisements, and buyers won’t be having a hard time scrolling and look.

Ray : What kind of group does the viber have? Like is it categorized by products?

Tammy :  Great question Ray, the viber has different groups, from Foods, non-food products like facemask, cars, houses, like that, and some groups like Areas or by City or province within the Philippines, because people will also consider the shipping cost, so some buyers prefer buying from within their city for a cheaper shipping cost.

Ray :  For the group for foods, they should sell foods only? Like any kind of food? 

Tammy : Yes, Ray. any kind of food, like frozen meat, ready cook food, or ready to eat foods like cakes and many more. 

Ray : For the Areas, anyone can join the group even if they don’t reside in that city?

Tammy : Yes, Ray. of course, they can do that. People like to expand their business in different cities, so they can do that as well.

Ray : Cool, people really are trying to find business there even during this crisis, as I heard thousands of people don’t have jobs right now.

Tammy : That’s right, there are people here now earning more money than they are working in the office, that’s why a lot of people are considering opening a small ecommerce business.

Ray : That’s right tammy, but how does the shipping or delivering the item to the customers? What is the process for that?

Tammy : For that, they have a lot of choices, they can book an on the day shipping courier, like grab, not sure if you heard about that, but it goes like you will book it on the app in your cellphone, they the rider will go to the pick up point, and drop it off to the location on the days itself, some people prefer to personaly pick it up from the seller to avoid shipping fees. 

Ray : Amazing, what I think is, everything is convenient when buying and selling on the online there. Like if they don’t want to go to the groceries, they can have the items right away by just buying from that app. It gives more people less time and work, at the same time, they are safe at home.

Tammy : Yes, Yes, especially theses days, that covid cases are still rising, people prefer to just stay at home and be safe.

Ray : Are there any disadvantages on that kind of eCommerce set up?

Tammy : well, maybe, its risky I guess, like you don’t really know that seller well, since they don’t have any verification, because you’ll just buy from them in the app, order, pay before they ship out the item. Maybe some seller will blocked you after they received the payment, so that’s the most risky part.

Ray : Oh yea, so you mean, you order and pay before they deliver?

Tammy : Yes, Ray, you have to pay first before they deliver. So some sellers take advantage of this. After they received the payment, you cannot reach them anymore.

Ray : that’s too risky!

Tammy : also, not only the sellers are risky, the buyers as well, since the technology is improving day by day, some buyers can edit the proof of transaction. Like they will send fake bank transfer and tell sellers that they paid already and here’s the proof of transaction. 

Ray : They can edit the proof of transaction? Like the screenshot of the bank transfer?

Tammy : Yes, Ray, especially those who are good at editing pictures, they can edit and tell sellers that they already paid. But this is one easier to detect, since everyone is now in the online banking, they can check right away if they receive the money or not. If not, then they will wait for the money to reflect first before sending out the item. 

Ray : so I guess, it’s more dangerous on the sellers side, that they will block you once you have already paid.

Tammy : Yes Ray, so you have to double check also and verify the seller. 

Ray : Do they have to pay taxes for selling?

Tammy : Oh Yea, as far as I know, recently here in the Philippines, since the government thinks that more people are doing eCommerce business, they are planning to require business owners to pay taxes as well, but that would be impossible I guess. Because they are earning minimally.

Ray : yea, if earning not too much, i guess that’s okay?

Tammy : That’s why a lot of people are complaining about that law, a lot of people have no job right now and are just trying to earn and live their life day by day. 

Ray : this is a great topic to share with everyone! I guess they don’t need to register their business?

Tammy : some small business owner doesn’t need to register, however, there are also registered big business are in the group to let the consumers know that they are delivering in this pandemic times. 

Ray : Yes, I think business owners really need to advertise their products so that the business still running.

Tammy : Yea, so that’s it, that’s how ecommerce entreprenuers work as of the moment here, I hope everything will go back to normal soon, but i think even if we get back to normal, that app will still be there for buy and sell. Because its a great platform to buy and sell.

Ray : Thanks Tammy for sharing that to us!

Tammy : sure Ray! To our listeners, if you have any inquiries, you may message us at or visit our website at , bye ray!

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