Local and Top Products to Import and Export in the Philippines

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Tammy : Good day! This is Tammy and I’m happy to do another podcast with Ray again today. We’ve been very happy helping entrepreneurs or business owners with their business, or giving tips and ideas on how to build your very own small business. Whether incorporating your business in Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam or elsewhere. We are here to help all of you. Anyway, Hi Ray, how are you today?

Ray : Hi Tammy, Hi everyone. I’m good, everything is fine here. The weather is great too. What about you?

Tammy : Well, I’m good too! There was a surge during the new year but all is well thank God and they open the stores and restaurants again. 

Ray : Good to hear that, what’s our topic for today?

Tammy : Well, I’ve been thinking about the Philippines lately and discussing the local products here might be a good idea. 

Ray : This is a good topic especially for those who like to export products from the Philippines or atleast entrepreneurs who are planning to do Business in the Philippines have an idea what and not to sell. 

Tammy : Yes, and that is the objective of this podcast. I would be very happy to tell our listeners that targeting the Philippines as their target market is also a good plan.

Ray : Could you tell us why we should enter the Philippine market? 

Tammy : Of course, this could probably help business owners as well as investors to consider this. So why Philippines? They said Filipinos will spend big amount on e-commerce platforms by the next few year. A significant portion of the Southeast Asian market and a valuable category.

Ray : Yes I agree with you that you need the right products to sell and timely marketing strategies. 

Tammy : However, you have to also think that there are several moving parts when it comes to starting and building an ecommerce business in the Philippines. 

Ray : That’s true.

Tammy : Like shipping can be expensive and unreliable, especially when you consider the size of the country.

Ray : But I guess that the biggest challenge to getting started is figuring out in-demand products to sell. 

Tammy : Yes, I agree with you and that is why we want to talk and discuss this to share what are the products you can consider. And I want to share the local products here that you can buy and sell in your home country.

Ray : That’s great. I know that the Philippines is rich with bamboo and rattans?

Tammy : You are correct, the Philippines is rich with different kinds of woods that they use to make baskets, furniture, hats or even bags. And Actually there are a lot more.

Ray : To add to that, there is this famous capiz shell that you can export from the Philippines, they are very famous as this is very special and unique.

Tammy : Oh you know that!

Ray : Yes!

Tammy : Cool, the shells came from a place called Capiz, that’s why it’s called capiz shell. 

Ray : Nice for home decorations.

Tammy : Other than what we mentioned, Philippines pearls are nice to sell too! To make jewelry. For those who don’t know, the Philippines are rich with pearls too! They could be your perfect suppliers for your pearls!

Ray : So basically, these are the top 3 products you can export from the Philippines to start your own business in your country. (1) Rattan, abaca or bamboo. (2) Capiz shells and last is the Philippine pearls?

Tammy : That’s right Ray. These are the top local products that I suggest you consider, the Philippines has a great supplier for these. Just do a little research because there are a lot of companies that are selling these. Take note also that these products are affordable, maybe except for the Philippine pearls. Prices may vary depending on the condition of the pearl.

Ray : Yes, like diamonds, prices may depend on the shapes, colours and so on. 

Tammy : That’s right. 

Ray : And other than the local products you can export from the Philippines. Can you also share what are the top products you can sell in the Philippines?

Tammy : That’s a good question, and this might fall under the importation.

Ray : What are the top products that the Filipinos are interested in and remain on top of their mind?

Tammy : These top products can help you add products in your existing stores, or maybe build a brand new store. I will be sharing the top 5. First, will be exercise materials such as yoga mats, dumbbells, or even boxing gloves. 

Ray : Cool, so many people are fond of exercising there?

Tammy : Yes, I believe. I think because most of the people are health conscious, especially that people were prohibited to go to the gym due to the situation right now, most people buy their own equipment so they can continue exercising at home.

Ray : That’s nice, even pandemic you shouldn’t neglect your health.

Tammy : Yes, but I’m too lazy to exercise if you’re going to ask me. Maybe I’ll eat healthy food or a good diet rather than exercise. 

Ray : Yeah, some people prefer to eat healthy than to exercise.

Tammy : Second top selling product is the appliances. Especially those electricity saver, or those 5 in 1 appliances, that you can maximize. 

Ray : Great! But I don’t think it’s easy to sell appliances especially if your brand is not familiar with many.

Tammy : That’s right, you might want to do further research on your product or competing brands before arriving at a decision. 

Ray : Of course you should do that, and every business owner should always plan their future business for a high rate of success.

Tammy : True. The third one will be skin care products.

Ray : A lot of people are into skincare products and I believe not only in the Philippines.

Tammy : Yes! I just want to share that Filipino consumers are expected to spend billions annually on skincare products including creams, facial cleansers, lotions, and more. 

Ray : That would be a nice product to sell there for sure. 

Tammy : Yes! I believe so too! Another product will be shoes and kid’s toys. So these are the top products that I think the Filipinos are most interested in.

Ray : Great! Thanks for sharing these topics. From Export to Import of products. I can say that you have to do your research on which best products you would like to enter. These are just ideas and suggestions for you to consider.

Tammy : Of course it’s still up to you on which products you are familiar with. Best is to go with the products that you are also interested in. So doing business will not be just a business but also an enjoyment.

Ray : That’s true, better to do something that you love doing so you won’t lose interest in it.

Tammy : Yes! Definitely agree on that! 

Ray : Okay, so I hope this podcast is something that can help all of you. Have a good day everyone. See you next time!

Tammy : Thanks ray, have a good day!

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