Promoting Your Business Through World Expo

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Tammy : Hi Everyone, Here’s another weekly episode of our podcast, and we are excited to share with you our new website Go to the news and events to stay updated on us, also you may go through the website to check our services. You can always email us at for any inquiries. Anyway, I’m with Ray to talk about how to promote your business. Hi Ray, how are you?

Ray : Hi everyone, I’m good and I hope our listeners are doing well too! What about you Tammy?

Tammy : Well, I’m okay. Recently I stopped watching the news and focused on the Tokyo Olympics. It’s really relaxing to watch the games and the sports! 

Ray : Yes, sports can be really relaxing sometimes, and playing sports can free up your mind and at the same time you are exercising.

Tammy : I agree with you, maybe after the pandemic, I’ll plan to play a sport. Maybe badminton?

Ray : That’s cool! Anyway let’s go to our topic and let’s not let our listeners keep on waiting because I’m excited to tackle the topic for today!

Tammy : Yes, whether you are an entrepreneur; a small business owner or a start up business, listen to this discussion because this can really help you a lot to grow your business.

Ray : Precisely, actually there are many ways on how to grow your business, like promoting them to your social media accounts like facebooks, instagrams or even on twitter. But have you question yourself,  is it enough? Do you get the right amount of customers? 

Tammy : There are success stories on promoting your business in social media, you pay to run your ads, followers turn into buyers, and you get huge sales in a month. But is it really enough? 

Ray : And since pandemic has started, online businesses are booming like mushroom growing here and there, competitors everywhere. So now you have to quickly develop your marketing strategy.

Tammy : Yes, most of the business owners are using social media to run their ads – it gets traffic too, competitors everywhere and now you have to understand the ads algorithm in social media. Social media of course cannot deliver your advertisement to everyone who is interested in your products.

Ray : Of course, because for example: 10 of you are selling Iphones, and you run your ads, social media cannot deliver your ads to those potential customers. They will only choose where to show your advertisement. And this is why you need to understand the algorithm. 

Tammy : This is actually hard for business owners, actually some are hiring marketing people to do this for them, but I’m telling you that this is not easy. You might be lucky for a few months to get sales. But it’s not always your lucky month.

Ray : True, and that is why we are here to talk about how to promote your business. We will be giving some ideas where to promote and how. 

Tammy : That’s right! So beside social media, which platform are you using to promote your business? 

Ray : Other than facebook, instagram, twitter etc?

Tammy : I cannot think of anything anymore, since the majority of the people in the world are using this platform everyday, and I must say, it’s easy to promote your business there because people can easily see your ads. But don’t close your mind on those platforms only, research and expand your marketing strategy.

Ray : Like joining the World Expo. What is the World expo and how to promote your business through that? – World Expo is also known as World Fair, where you can showcase your products and invite international buyers and sellers to check your products. You have to take advantage of this and take part in showcasing the best of what you have to offer to the world.

Tammy : Yes because world expo is one of the oldest and biggest events on the planet! And a lot of business owners are looking forward to this every year.

Ray : Imagine that! Every country has their own world expo, some do the expo every 5 years and some do it every year at a certain month to host the occasion, which some lasts for 6 months, 1 month or a week only and invites every country in the globe to take part in it.

Tammy : To give our listeners an idea, World expo’s goal is to help people and nations across the world learn by sharing ideas, at the same time demonstrating innovation and further paving the path for progress in fields such as technologies.

Ray : Just a fun fact : Did you know that the first world expo start in London in 1851 up until today, recently there is a world expo in Dubai that was held October 2020 to April 2021 – It was a 6 months events, and since there is the pandemic, and people from different countries cannot participate, and we are not certain on which countries took part on this edition.

Tammy : Oh wow! It’s been a long year since it started until today. And it is a great experience for business owners and entrepreneurs who are planning to start their own business by visiting the world expo. It’s just sad right now that we cannot physically participate in the event, however, the transition they made from physical expo to virtual expo has been very amazing.

Ray : Correct, so don’t feel bad if you cannot make it to the world expo as there are virtual expo you can register online, and take part of the event at your convenience.  

Tammy : And there are a lot of different products from different countries showcasing their product, from apparel, skin care, electronics to innovative technology, name it! Everything under the sun will be showcased in the event. For example, if you’re planning to buy electronics and sell them in your home country, then you have to check the schedule of the event because different categories have different time schedules. And if you are planning to showcase your product the same thing, check the schedule of the events. 

Ray : What are the advantages and disadvantages of participating in the event? Let’s lay down the cards for pros – (1) raise awareness (2) Meet new potential customers (3) Networking (4) Launch new product.

Tammy : Agree! Let’s say you are a seller, and you want to expand your business in other countries as well – this is a great place and time to introduce your product to the people around the world. You are not just looking for a buyer but to a reseller as well. To expand your business and make it popular in different places when at the same time you can build relationships with new customers.

Ray : Yes, and when it comes to disadvantages: here are some of the few (1) There will be competition (2) Results are not guaranteed. We will not add cost as cons here, because we are talking about a virtual expo here. Where you don’t need to shell out a huge amount at this time. 

Tammy : It can be very exciting in joining and going to the event, whether physically or virtually. So I’ll give you 5 tips on exhibiting your products in the fair. (1) Research.

Ray : find your demographic information about the delegates. You should also find out how popular and well-run an event is before committing to buying stand space.

Tammy : Yes, correct. (2) Get your virtual design to stand out. Many other businesses will also be exhibiting. And this includes your competitors. (3) Look out for marketing opportunities (4) Network (5) Follow up and evaluate – Since everything will be done virtually, it will be easier for you to follow up through email to potential customers you’ve met.

Ray : So you have to evaluate the success of your attendance to decide whether it is worth going back next year! 

Tammy : So there, now you have all the tips, start promoting your business on every platform you know! Everything is virtual as of now, transition your business as soon as you can!

Ray : True! So good luck everyone. Let us know if you have any questions or comments!

Tammy : Wishing everyone to have a successful business despite the changes we are experiencing.

Ray : Thanks for listening!

Tammy : Bye!

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