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Topics: Selling Products in Facebook Marketplace

  1. How does Facebook marketplace work?
  2. Why should I sell in the Facebook Marketplace?
  3. How do I sell in the facebook marketplace?


Tammy : Hi Ray! How are you? 

Ray : Hi, Tammy! I’m great, what about you?

Tammy : I’m good too! You know what? I’m gonna share something that I learned during these days.

Ray : What is that?

Tammy : It’s selling on Facebook Marketplace.

Ray : Yes! Selling on the facebook marketplace is really a great idea, too! Since most of the people really have a facebook, and spending more time on that social media platform, it has really a great opportunity to explore that platform and sell your products.

Tammy : Right! Actually, I’ve also read that Facebook marketplace is taking over from Ebay as the place to earn cash. Also, you can set up a Facebook page and start selling and or Post directly to the Facebook Marketplace and sell. 

Ray : So how did you come up with this idea? Or how did you learn about this facebook marketplace?

Tammy : It’s so funny, because last Sunday, I was bored and had nothing to do. While I was cleaning up my house and noticed a lot of things that I no longer needed. I thought of selling them. But selling where? I thought of my friends who might want them, so I posted on my facebook account and noticed that there’s a marketplace button at the bottom part of the app. Which is the Facebook marketplace, and I posted it there, too! After a few hours, 2 to 3 unknown people are messaging me if they could buy them. They paid and I have them delivered on the same day. 

Ray : That was cool! Super fast transaction. But yes, you could post anything on the facebook marketplace to sell your items, i think not only the second hand ones, you could also sell the brand new, or anything! 

Tammy : Yes, you’re correct! You can sell anything in the facebook marketplace! After that transaction, I am now thinking if I wanted to sell more second hand items here at home to declutter my stuffs that don’t spark joy anymore.

Ray : Be sure you won’t be selling all your stuff!

Tammy : hahaha! Yes, I will definitely leave some for myself!

How does Facebook Marketplace work?

Ray : Anyway, If i’m not mistaken, facebook marketplace was first introduced back in 2016 and it was a little more than a garage sale. Like what you did, selling your second hand stuff. Everyone can post or sell in that marketplace.

Tammy : Yes, and now I think it’s popular all over the world. Like people can sell brand new and used things based on facebook commerce policies, and can even access to local audiences. Even if you don’t know the seller or buyer, you can transact through facebook messenger. 

Ray : Also, I’ve seen that Facebook will also add some features payment processors like Shopify and Big commerce to their marketplace account. That would be very convenient for both buyers and sellers, right?

Tammy : Yes, I think so too! This is a very convenient place to buy and sell things, post your items, and people will just find you, and message you through facebook messenger. 

Ray : That’s correct, That’s how easy it is!

Tammy : Why do people need to consider selling on the Facebook Marketplace, in the first place?

Why should you sell in the Facebook Marketplace?

Ray : Well, for me, there are 6 things that I think people should consider the facebook marketplace:

1. Everyone is using facebook around the world

2. It’s so easy to connect with people

3. Increase awareness and Discoverability

4. Build trust with your audience

5.Track what sells best in Facebook

6.Test out new products – Like you can try to sell something you are not sure if people will buy, at least at this point, you don’t need to spend a single penny.

Tammy : That’s a great point! specially If you own a business, and want to explore new places. Facebook Marketplace is quick and easy, cost-effective, and informative with audience targeting. All of these activities can help open up a pipeline of new business that leads people directly to your doorstep.

Ray : That’s correct, so what are the best things to sell in the marketplace there in the Philippines?

Tammy : Well, here in the Philippines, I can see a lot of things in the marketplace, like houses, cars, foods or anything under the sun. Actually, everything that you are looking for is already in the marketplace. You just have to transact with the verified seller. 

Ray : That’s cool! I also think that electronics, kid’s stuff and skin care products are great to sell, too! Maybe you can start with those items, and see where it will take you. 

How Do you start selling in the facebook marketplace?

Tammy : Oh Yes! They are also the top selling products here in the Philippines. So yes, you just have to post your item in the marketplace to start selling. If you think that your business is growing, you can also set up a facebook page and run ads so that more target audiences can reach your shop. 

Ray : But there is a fee for that, so you need to set a budget and plan on how long will you run the ads. Make sure to set a right target audience for a more successful listing.

Tammy : Yes, but if you don’t want to spend a single penny, then you can just post your listing as a start up. Right, or you can join a top facebook group near you and post your listing. Or post in the facebook marketplace by location. Because you know buyers, don’t want to spend so much for the shipping fee, so we have to consider the location too. 

Ray : That’s right, Also, when posting in the marketplace, better to indicate all information and details about the product you are selling, example : Location, brand, item name and prices, so that both buyers and sellers won’t be wasting so much time asking and answering inquiries. 

Tammy : Yes, I agree with you. Like me, I see some posts that don’t put the price and location, this also will take time to ask and wait for the answer from the buyer. I think it is also nice if sellers allow buyers from haggling?

Ray : Well, maybe this depends on the item? Maybe it’s better if you put a fixed price or negotiable?

Tammy : Yes, well okay. Let’s leave this to the seller, but I think here in the Philippines it’s better to put “price is negotiable” as a lot of buyers here are really into price negotiating, like they think that once they can haggle. They feel like they’ve got a bargain (when actually they’re paying what you wanted all along).

Ray : You might even get lucky – sometimes when you employ this tactic, people don’t haggle, so you end up earning more money than you would’ve if you’d just asked for the price you wanted. So I agree with you, that’s a simple marketing strategy. 

Tammy : Right! Again, there is no payment needed when selling in the facebook marketplace. All you have to do is post a very nice picture or a creative video to attract buyers. Posting is free! But you have to be cautious when transacting. Because, of course, we don’t want to be scammed, or experience such things. 

Ray : Yes, You can control your facebook privacy settings, and control only who can see your account, at the same time anonymous people can still send you messages. Check your “message request” button for messages from different people. 

Tammy : Remember, that facebook is not liable with any transaction you made with other people, so you have to be really careful. 

Ray : Great! So it’s actually easy to use facebook marketplace for your business. Just post your item, transact through facebook messenger, buyer pays, you deliver the goods, then that’s it!

Tammy : Yes! That’s actually a fun thing to do as well. 

Ray : Again, I had a nice discussion with you today! Maybe next time let’s talk about on how to sell using instagram?

Tammy : That would be a great topic too! We can do that!

Ray : Sure! So yeah. Bye Tammy, Til next time! 

Tammy : Bye, Ray! 

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