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Introduction : Tips on registering your shop in Lazada.

Tammy :  Hi everyone, I hope everyone’s safe despite all the things that the world is currently facing. I’m with Ray, the founder of Unipro Consulting Limited, Hi Ray How have you been these days? Today we are talking about LAZADA. Not everyone is familiar with LAZADA. It is actually the largest online shopping and sales destination in southeast Asia. As the pioneer of e-commerce ecosystem in southeast Asia.

Actually there are LAZADA in the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, and a lot of countries such as Hong Kong, Europe and mainland China, have access to a large and growing market at very low upfront costs.

I also I want to share with you that LAZADA was founded by Rocket Internet in Singapore in 2012 and is currently owned by alibaba group in hangzhou, China. The alibaba group also owns and operates China’s largest e-commerce platforms, including taobao and Tmall.

Here, we explain how to sell LAZADA through our Hong Kong logistics center.

Ray: yes. More and more people are paying attention to the southeast Asian market because of its rapid growth in e-commerce. Tammy, you spend most of your time in southeast Asia. Did you go shopping with lazada? What do you think?

Tammy : Well, I’ve bought a few things in LAZADA, and I find it very convenient! They have everything. For example: the last time I bought a cell phone, I thought, what if this one doesn’t work? In fact, LAZADA has guarantee, if it is bad, they will give you a 1 month to return and exchange, we have cash on delivery in the Philippines, which is more convenient for me, because you can check it before you pay when it arrives at your home , so it is not so troublesome. LAZADA has different payment methods. You can pay by credit card, cash on delivery, bank transfer and so on. So payment is no problem.

Ray :  I believe they are very curious about this e-commerce online platform, because LAZADA is one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world in southeast Asia. So here I list down frequently asked questions that might help people understand more about this.  So how does LAZADA work?


Tammy : Yes, yes. First of all, like alibaba, you must have a registered company. If you do not have one, our company can help you register a company, because LAZADA needs a business license to register. Secondly, bank account is also needed, if you already have it, that’s no problem, but if you need it, our company can also help you do it. Both of these things are needed to register LAZADA.

Ray: why choose LAZADA?

Tammy : Unlike other online selling platforms, LAZADA has

  • No setup fee
  • There is no monthly fee
  • Low commission (2%)
  • Low cross border order value commission (1-4%)

This is why a lot of people are especially here in Asia are considering opening a business in LAZADA. 

Ray : Can they sell in asean countries?

Tammy : The good thing about LAZADA is you can ship directly to their hub in Hong Kong, where they take care of the delivery to end customers in the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, and Yes, you can sell products from anywhere, actually, there is already a large number of sellers based in Mainland China and Hong Kong. Sellers in Europe, the US, and Australia.

Ray : Can individuals sell in LAZADA?

Tammy : Yes, anyone can sell here, even you or me, as I said, as long you have a Registered company and a bank account, then you are one step closer on having a shop in LAZADA. Also, you don’t necessarily need to set up a company in Hong Kong to use the Lazada fulfillment hub in the city, but it will be easier if you set it up in Hong Kong, because you will be using the Hong Kong hub to store your products. Besides, Hong Kong is the best and easiest place in the world to incorporate a limited company. You may our website for more details.

Ray: Does LAZADA have any prohibited products?

Tammy : Yes, there are several restricted items such as:

  • Fake products
  • Second-hand products
  • Certain types of religious or political items
  • Liquid items over 500ML
  • Items larger than 300 cm (L + W + H)

So You have to take note of this. 

Ray : These information is really a great help to our listeners, especially now that most people are work from home or a lot of people are buying things online, it will be very convenient for people to sell in LAZADA without any worries. 

Tammy : I agree with you Ray, We all know that in HK we don’t need to import duties when the good go to HK. So we strongly suggest you to consider setting up a company in HK. like what I said, There is also a cross-border warehouse in Hong Kong Rather than shipping directly to a customer in ASEAN, you send your products directly to Lazada’s sorting center in Hong Kong. From here, LAZADA takes care the rest, including returns. 

I think if you don’t want to arrange the delivery yourself, the best options for western sellers is to simply send bulk shipments to the Hong Kong warehouse and arrange delivery to LAZADA sorting center, and LAZADA can pick up the item from your partner warehouse instead

Further, you can also manage this operation by setting up a Hong Kong limited company and business bank account, We can help you with this, just message us. Once you have already set  up your company in HK, and register your business in LAZADA, things will be easier for you. 

Ray: I hope they find this podcast useful, especially those who are just starting their online business, or planning to set up one.


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