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Tammy : It’s a rainy day here in the Philippines! The weather is not actually good, it’s been raining for one week now, so it’s better to make your immune system stronger as people usually get sick in this kind of weather. Today we’re going to discuss the Vaccine passport with Ray, Hi Ray, how’s everything going?

Ray : Hey Tammy, All is good. And yes I heard that there’s a typhoon in the Philippines?

Tammy : Yes, floods everywhere right now. I actually don’t know what’s happening in the Philippines, like there’s Covid 19, Volcano eruption. Strong earthquakes recently and floods! 

Ray : Yes, even in the other countries, there were serious floods that caused the death of many. The world is changing.

Tammy : I know, Helen Keller once said “All the world is full of suffering, it is all full of overcoming” – it’s actually a sad quote. But you know, what is happening these days makes us sad! 

Ray : Always look at the bright side of course. 

Tammy : True! Anyway, it’s going to be 2 years since the pandemic started. And finally that for some countries covid ended due to the vaccines and discipline of the people. 

Ray : However, there are new variants spreading and I hope that the vaccine will still have an effect on the new variant.

Tammy : True, Like I am vaccinated then the new variant is here, so i’m not really sure how affected the vaccine I took for the new variant.

Ray : I’m sure it will be effective. 

Tammy : By the way, our whole household got really sick last monday, the symptoms are the same as covid. However, we didn’t get the swab test because it looks like a normal flu to us.

Ray : There are ways to check if you got the disease or not, like the swab test, saliva test and the new technology from Singapore, the breath test. 

Tammy : Breath test? Gosh, that is so cool! You know how scared I am to take the swab test. Some of my friends have already told me that it’s very uncomfortable and painful. So I don’t dare to take it.

Ray : Yes, me too! But it’s a must especially when you travel. But this breath test will give the result in 2 min! Unlike in some tests, they probably will take you a couple of hours to have your result.

Tammy : Singapore’s technology is amazing!

Ray : It is! And the company that discovered it is a Singaporean Start up company. 

Tammy : That is so great!

Ray : Yes, the reason behind it is that the country wants to open up the economy while controlling coronavirus infections.

Tammy : Well, Singapore is an advanced country, so it’s no wonder they can invent such things. They have to work fast on how to open up their economy while still in pandemic. Well, they have a law abiding citizen, so for sure they can open up their country as soon as possible.

Ray : Yes, that’s correct also, anyway, one of the Singaporean companies called Silver Factory Technology has begun using the breath test at Singapore Changi Airport, while the other company called Breathonix has launched a trial of its system at a checkpoint linking Singapore with Malaysia.

Tammy : So that they can slowly open up their borders!

Ray : Well, yes! Because if they use the antigen testing, it will take a little longer for the passengers to get the results and it will cause traffic and inconvenience to everyone. 

Tammy : Yes, that’s true! But how accurate is it? 

Ray : The Silver Factory Technology device can detect a positive case 95% of the time, while Breathonix’s system carries an 85.3% accuracy rate.

Tammy : Oh wow! If that is for positive cases, then what about identifying the negative cases? Is it the same accuracy as that?

Ray : Well, For identifying negative cases, Silver Factory Technology holds a 97.8% accuracy rate, and Breathonix 97%. And of course, everyone tested positive will have an antigen test for confirmation.

Tammy : How I wish we have that breath test here so it will be easy for everyone to get the result and travel. Of course I hope it will not cost too much!

Ray : Well, Yeah hope it won’t break a bank! Anyway, Singapore breath test is suited for large events and for border control. The government plans to continue testing a large number of people daily while promoting vaccinations.

Tammy : And that is so cool! I want to try it

Ray : Yes

Tammy : So why are they doing it?

Ray : To prevent the spread of coronavirus variants, the Singaporean government requires workplaces to conduct regular testing and event venues to screen guests. And sooner or later, demand for testing devices is expected to jump.

Tammy : The 2 Singapore start up companies are so brilliant to invest in this kind of test. Honestly, I am really amazed by how advanced Singapore Technology is so advanced, despite the situation.

Ray : You know what? Both Silver Factory Technology and Breathonix have applied for licenses in other nations in Southeast Asia, as well as in the Middle East, as part of their overseas expansion.

Tammy : That would be very great! Singapore’s economy for sure will be up again! Of course many investors will really consider investing there. 

Ray : And I hope investors should also invest in technologies like this! Because technology can boost growth in companies and to the countries as well!

Tammy : I definitely agree with you! Because investment in technology like this can reduce cost and improve profitability. 

Ray : And let me share with you the 4 important reasons why a company or a country should invest in technology. (1) It will definitely save your time! (2) Improve security (3) Of course, you will stand out of the crowd and lastly (4) Better interaction with people.

Tammy : Yes, it will surely save your time and security is one of the things that people or clients are looking for! I know investing in these kinds of technologies is not cheap, it might break a bank but I’m sure it will be worth it!

Ray : That’s true, it will help your business thrive, and it is the way of the present and the future. 

Tammy : Actually with the correct utilization, your employees will spend less time on manual task, as well as your data is safer. 

Ray : Not only that! Internal and external communication will be much safer, improved and effective, and you will have the edge over your competitors.

Tammy : But of course, before you jump into this, you have to do your research. Because like what I mentioned, it is not cheap. A Unique business needs a budget. 

Ray : Of course, don’t just invest in a technology because it is new and innovative, find what works for your employee and your company,  so that the money will not go into waste. Don’t worry, it will be worth it! 

Tammy : As technologies are progressing faster than ever, and since last year there are a lot of new inventions that really gave me a “wow!”  And it is never too late for you to invest in it. Anyway, these two Singaporean startups are a good example of a new technology. 

Ray : Yes, so again, if you want to save time and improve your business, go with the technology and do your research. 

Tammy : Just a fun fact, did you know that employees who spend 60%-80% of their time working remotely have the highest workplace engagement!

Ray : Cool! So this is another interesting discussion. I hope you all enjoyed listening to us!

Tammy : Yes, see you again next week!

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