Traditional Bank vs Digital Bank

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Bank has been part of our daily lives, especially when you are doing business, it has an enormous impact on you and your company. And choosing the right bank for your business is very important. When I say choosing, not only on which bank to go to but also whether it will be a traditional bank or a digital bank.  … Read More

Should I move my Hong Kong company to Singapore?

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Should I close my Hong Kong Company, should I go to Singapore or somewhere else? Greater Bay Area of South China still the best gateway into mainland China. Mike : So for Greater Bay Area or GBA, Hong Kong is part of this initiative and you are doing Business with mainland China and you think Hong Kong is better of … Read More

Global Economy

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Global Economy Faces Challenges Episodes: Length (25:10) Introduction of Global Economy How do we deal with the challenges in the Global Economy? What are the opportunities for our entrepreneurs? Tips on facing Global Economy as an entrepreneurs The global economy refers to the interconnected worldwide economic activities that take place between multiple countries. These economic activities can have either a … Read More