Singapore Tourism Industry

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We know that Singapore is a highly developed and diversified economy with a focus on technology, finance, logistics, and tourism. The country has a strong manufacturing sector that produces electronics, chemicals, biomedical products, and precision engineering goods. Singapore is also home to several international financial institutions, making it a hub for financial services and wealth management. And of course, Singapore … Read More

Singapore as a successful country

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When you say Singapore, It is Asia’s dream country, Singapore’s success says a great deal about how a country with no natural resources can create economic advantages. But it certainly is an example of an extraordinarily successful small country in a big world. In Singapore, Education is the key to the long-term future of the population, its people are the … Read More

Traditional Bank vs Digital Bank

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Bank has been part of our daily lives, especially when you are doing business, it has an enormous impact on you and your company. And choosing the right bank for your business is very important. When I say choosing, not only on which bank to go to but also whether it will be a traditional bank or a digital bank.  … Read More

How to open your Singapore Offshore company

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Why Singapore? Simply because it is the most excellent choice in Asia Pacific for international trade. And did you know that Singapore is ranked top 1 in the world by the World bank, the top politically stable country and world’s best labor force. Great choice for setting up your company right? But when and how are you going to start … Read More

ASEAN Economics and Trades

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ASEAN Economics – Continuous progress has been made in the implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Blueprint 2025. In particular, under the 2017 Chairmanship theme of inclusive, innovation-driven growth, the following 8 progress and achievements have been made: ASEAN-wide Self-Certification Scheme.  The ASEAN Seamless Trade Facilitation Indicators (ASTFI).   ASEAN Trade in Services Agreement (ATISA).   Focused and Strategic (FAST) Action Agenda … Read More