What is the best investment in Singapore (for beginner)

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Make your financial decisions with confidence. Investing is more crucial than ever. When done correctly, investing can help us grow our wealth, protect us from the risk of inflation, and even provide a steady stream of passive income. But with innumerable investment products and schemes out there, it can be tough to be sure that you are making the right … Read More

Setting up a Company in Lazada

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Introduction : Tips on registering your shop in Lazada. Tammy :  Hi everyone, I hope everyone’s safe despite all the things that the world is currently facing. I’m with Ray, the founder of Unipro Consulting Limited, Hi Ray How have you been these days? Today we are talking about LAZADA. Not everyone is familiar with LAZADA. It is actually the … Read More

Singapore Residency

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Singapore residency advantages and disadvantages   Tammy: We all know that Singapore is actually a highly developed country and is ranked 9th on the United Nations Human Developed Index, the highest in Asia for a sovereign state, and it is a first world country. Many are considering moving there, planning to get a job or even to study, as there … Read More

Building an International Brand

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For today’s episode, we are going to tackle steps on how to begin an International Brands for your Business, if you are planning to do a Business, whether it is small or big, Brick-and mortar store or an E-commerce, I think you better listen, because our speaker for today not other than Ray Ng – The founder and CEO of … Read More

Should I move my Hong Kong company to Singapore?

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Should I close my Hong Kong Company, should I go to Singapore or somewhere else? Greater Bay Area of South China still the best gateway into mainland China. Mike : So for Greater Bay Area or GBA, Hong Kong is part of this initiative and you are doing Business with mainland China and you think Hong Kong is better of … Read More

Global Economy

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Global Economy Faces Challenges Episodes: Length (25:10) Introduction of Global Economy How do we deal with the challenges in the Global Economy? What are the opportunities for our entrepreneurs? Tips on facing Global Economy as an entrepreneurs The global economy refers to the interconnected worldwide economic activities that take place between multiple countries. These economic activities can have either a … Read More

Finding ways to turn plastic into currency.

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Topics covered in this episode: Intro About Plastic Bank by Ray Ng How people find plastic in their everyday life and how used plastics turn in currency The surprising solution to Ocean Plastic. What should merchants do in the coming future? Episode Length 20:34   We will be discussing about Plastic Bank, Today with Ray Ng, the founder of Unipro … Read More

ASEAN Economics and Trades

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ASEAN Economics – Continuous progress has been made in the implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Blueprint 2025. In particular, under the 2017 Chairmanship theme of inclusive, innovation-driven growth, the following 8 progress and achievements have been made: ASEAN-wide Self-Certification Scheme.  The ASEAN Seamless Trade Facilitation Indicators (ASTFI).   ASEAN Trade in Services Agreement (ATISA).   Focused and Strategic (FAST) Action Agenda … Read More