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I know everyone’s back to work, I hope everyone had a great time spending their New Year with family and friends, or spending just at home actually is the best idea here in the Philippines. I know I said in our previous podcast that Covid cases are getting low. But OMG, When people say “Bring it on 2022”. I guess the covid spike is really high right now. That one more level, then we will be back to lockdown. It’s crazy and it’s fast. The omicron spreads so fast. Anyway, let’s move on to our podcast for today

we are going to look back and see where the technology goes wrong. We all know that technology has been a part of everyone’s lives. And we also suggest business owners to innovate. Now we are going to talk about the effects, like the positive and negative effects it brought to each one of us during the year of 2021.

While I believe that others’ lives were easier because of technology. But I agree that in some points of some lives or in businessowners point of view. It also became hard and challenging to use technology.

Well, as you know there were times last year when technology failed. From giant internet outages and ransomware attacks.

We cannot fully trust technology. Like last year, Facebook and Linkedin have massive leaks. If you were a business owner who runs ads from these platforms, then you would know how it affected your business. 

So this is one of the biggest technology failures last year. Actually these platforms are upgrading every now and then, and hackers are too. It’s just that you have to be extremely careful when doing business online.

Your life and business depends on technology, so you have to be extremely careful. Identity theft and money hacking is always there. I researched about this massive leak in Facebook and Linkedin.  last April,

The personal information of half a billion Facebook users, including phone numbers, birthdays and email addresses, had been posted to a website used by hackers. 

That’s very crucial, I remember a friend of mine working abroad once told me that they need some information like that for their company, and there is this company who offers 5,000 details of the customers worth around $100,000. It’s obviously impossible to get that much detail. Though I’m not sure if they push through the transaction.

That’s you have to background check the company first before you make a deal. I think some companies can offer such details, but sometimes it just looks suspicious.The incident showed how vulnerable companies collecting massive amounts of personal data.

In that same year, Linkedin also confirms that publicly-available details of its users’ profiles had been offered for sale on a hacker website. And I think Linkedin said at the time that the database for sale was “actually an aggregation of data from a number of websites and companies.” The company also said it was “not a LinkedIn data breach.”

There’s another that I’m not if you are familiar with, the Citizen app. It’s a startup whose app sends real-time crime alerts. They actually offered a reward for help determining who started a Los Angeles wildfire. But end up getting a false result. In short, it failed because I think some people gave false information just to get the reward. This also happens to many, as long as there is money involved, many people will try to fool you.

Now, Let’s talk about ransomware attacks. Ransomware attacks become a big problem. Last year, there was news about hackers getting access to a computer system and, essentially, holding a company hostage for money. Particularly those business and critical infrastructure. This is really scary especially for business owners who own websites or such, and not only websites, but also computer systems and many more.

There are also outages that took down much of the internet. And countless websites including Reddit, CNN, Amazon.

Then there is also an issue at a similar company, Akamai Technologies, including those belonging to Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Actually, the Fastest outage was spotted within a minute and lasted less than an hour for most affected websites. Good thing they were able to fix it as soon as possible.

These weren’t the only big internet failures of the year. In December, Amazon’s cloud computing service suffered three outages that led to issues and many others. Like amazon got affected with the business too. And knowing how it was affected big time during that holiday season. Seller’s sales got affected too.

I remember something from facebook again. Especially during elections. Hackers will try to hack the account of the politicians and post fake news. Or some will make a new account and create fake news. I know, and I think there is already a bill for those who do this. Like there is imprisonment.

But not here in the Philippines. Maybe the government will try to push through with that. Anyway there were a lot more technology failures last year that everyone should watch out for. Again, technology is not bad, as long as you are extremely careful. And I hope this will help you with your business in 2022.

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