The impact of the pandemic on the people abroad

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Tammy : Hello, this is Tammy from Unipro Consulting Limited together with Ray.

Ray : Hi Tammy and Hi everybody, I hope all of you are doing well!

Tammy : I hope everyone’s doing well, of course I would like to say thank you to our  listeners and each one of you for listening to our weekly podcast, as you know we are tackling a lot of business ideas, or discussing topics that might help you with your business. 

Ray : Yes, and that is what our purpose is, to give you some insightful ideas for your business or if you are planning to set up a start up company. And you know what? If you are thinking that this is not the best time for you to set up a company due to the pandemic, you are wrong. Because technology, internet and computer systems are upgrading each day, who knows maybe 2-3 more years, everything will be online. So I guess, this is the best time for you to set up your business.

Tammy : That’s correct, It’s now or never! Anyway, for today’s episode, we are going to tackle the impact of Covid-19 on Immigrants.

Ray : Yes, immigrants – I think they are vulnerable at this time, from the crises that we are all facing.

Tammy : We all know that the covid-19 affects a lot of people, business owners and even children with their schooling. Economy is fluctuating due to high cases that go up and down. The Borders are closed for tourists and a lot more. 

Ray : Because this pandemic has reminded us how vulnerable all of us are, workers and etc.

Tammy : And due to a range of vulnerabilities such as higher incidence, immigrants are at a much higher risk of COVID‑19 infection.

Ray : Yes, actually, once you go out of the house, you are now at high risk of getting the infection, what more of the people who do business or work outside on a daily basis? Much higher of course.

Tammy : That is so true! And if we are going to talk about Immigrants who are potentially in a more vulnerable position in the labour market due to their generally less stable employment conditions.

Ray : And the negative impact on immigrants’ labour market outcomes is increased still further by the fact that they are strongly overrepresented in those sectors most affected by the pandemic to date. 

Tammy : That is why the status of unemployment is rising. Actually whether you are an immigrant or not, because of the closure of business or companies, however, if you are working in other countries, and the employer you are working with were greatly affected by the situation. Then this might be the reason some immigrants were left with no choice but to go back to their home country. And this happens a lot to my fellow Filipino people. 

Ray : Yes, and returning to the country might be hard now of course, due to the restrictions. 

Tammy : And I think that the government will prioritise the local people to have their job first, to raise up their economy again. – To tell you honestly, a lot of expat here in the Philippines went back to their home country during the pandemic, as they see that the pandemic will take a little longer than expected. Foreign companies were shut down. Employees lose their jobs. Jobless people left and right.

Ray : And that happens to other countries as well. The COVID‑19 pandemic comes at a crucial time for international migration.

Tammy : Actually, in some cases, immigrants were more successful in finding and keeping jobs over the past five years.

Ray : But this progress is now put at risk because of the pandemic. The COVID‑19 crisis is affecting the health, education and jobs of already vulnerable immigrants, as well as their broader social integration.

Tammy : I totally agree with you, it’s like a domino effect, one is affected the rest will get affected as well. But now that we are discussing the covid-19 effect on immigrants. What about the people who want to migrate amidst the pandemic? Do you think this is the best time or is it safe? Or do they have bigger opportunities when they decide to move out to their home country?

Ray : You know what? It actually depends on the situation. What are your reasons for migrating? Looking for better opportunities or because you want a better future for your family? There are a lot of factors to consider here. And it’s not always easy to do this, especially if you have a family to bring along.

Tammy : But I see some countries where it is easy to migrate to? Like I read in some articles that in New Zealand – where the population is fewer or maybe Australia? 

Ray : Yes, it’s immigration – friendly. But moving to a different country can be an exciting and  life-changing decision.

Tammy : Agree, and there are various factors that play a part in your decision making, like is it Safe, economical, livable? when looking to immigrate. It also involves understanding which country offers a security to a better life.

Ray : And like you said, Apart from New Zealand and Australia. There are more countries that are immigration-friendly you can check. Like Canada or Germany. But if you are eyeing for Southeast Asia, I would probably say in Singapore.

Tammy : Why Singapore?

Ray : Singapore is known to be one of the most developed countries here in Asia and offers reasonably liberal immigration and citizenship rules. It ranks very high and has been a preferred destination for immigration amongst people from Malaysia, China, India and Indonesia.

Tammy : Yes, I agree. But may I add that it is also one of the most expensive countries to live in. but what I like about Singapore is that it is a small country with a small population.

Ray : The cost of living might be expensive, but if you are earning there. I guess it will not be as expensive as you think. Singapore continues to be affordable and is rated among the best in the world.

Tammy : That is so true! For example, I am earning a peso, and visit Singapore as a tourist. Of course everything will be expensive for me. As you know, Singapore currency is higher than Peso, therefore, for me the cost of living in Singapore is expensive. So yes, if you are earning there, I guess it will not be as expensive as you think.

Ray : Also when it comes to your safety, it is one of the safest countries in the world. Residents enjoy political stability, low crime rates, and excellent healthcare, education, housing, recreation and transport options. Some of the world’s most beautiful countries are also just a short flight away from Singapore.

Tammy : Oh I miss going to Singapore!

Ray : Yes, when it is safe to travel, you can visit again! Anyway, other than that, many business owners are choosing Singapore to invest in. It is known for investors and entrepreneurs looking to expand into Asia.

Tammy : Because of its development into a financial hub conducive for trade, excellent infrastructure, and a stable, progressive legal and regulatory framework are just some of the reasons that make it appealing.

Ray : It’s a Business gateway to the world! 

Tammy : True! Singapore’s strategic location in the heart of Southeast Asia makes its port a major player that is always bustling with activity.

Ray : That is why many business owners are not only investing in Singapore, but also considering moving there. Because of the Great quality of life you are going to have when you move.

Tammy : What about you? If you will be given a chance to move there, will you?

Ray : Mabye and you?

Tammy : I’m not sure right now. But of course, if there is a chance I will grab the opportunity!

Ray : True! Grab all the opportunities that come your way, because opportunities will only knock once!

Tammy : I know. Not everyone has the opportunity, so if you have it! Grab it!

Ray : That’s right! So again, this is Ray, hope you had fun listening to us!

Tammy : And this is Tammy! See you again in our next episode!

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