Singapore’s All Year round Products to Sell Online

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Singapore is a place where foreign people go for leisure or business, let’s admit it, they have great finds from local products to high end items. That’s why Singaporeans love to shop whether it is at a physical store or online. And the percentage of people who shop online got higher during the pandemic up to now.

But what products are they buying? I will share with you the top products they love to purchase online. 

For anyone running an online store, knowing the trending products to sell can help you boost your eCommerce business. 

For those just interested in setting up an eCommerce business in Singapore or starting out with an eCommerce store, You should check out the trending products that can help you figure out your niche and start with high sales from day one. 

The trick is that anyone selling trending procuts has a high chance of getting new customers, checkouts, and maintaining a customer who will keep back for more.

Trending products

  1. Mobile phones and accessories –  Yes, Singaporeans can spend a huge amount of time on digital devices daily, and that is why phone cases and accessories are high on demand. 
  2. Clothing and Apparel – Singaporeans love fashion, so clothing are the items that wardrobes need all year round. Remember to check the fashion trend for each season in advance, and make sure to be meeting the demand for different fashion trends. 
  3. Skin care and cosmetics – These are in the top 3 list! When it comes to looking for things to sell online in Singapore, these products are a safe bet! Want repeat customers? This is perfect for you!
  4. Bubble/herbal tea – Why? Singaporeans love to be healthy and fit, they have a growing interest in drinking teas for health benefits. These are lucrative markets for an online store. Make sure to invest in photography to help attract customers, and focus on the ingredients to help buyer’s trust.
  5. Vitamins and Supplements – As I mentioned above, Singaporeans care for their health so much, one of the reasons is that they want to boost their immune system through vitamins and supplements. So this category is worth considering for online business
  6. Magnetic eyelashes – This has been a popular cosmetic accessory in Singapore, the great thing about this is you don’t need eyelash glue like the traditional faux eyelashes. Magnetic falsies are secured and easy to use. with the influencers and social media showing just how popular the trend is. 
  7. Nail Extensions – This is now a hot item on the beauty list, it has a steady demand if you are looking for one. 
  8. Men’s Watches – Looking for a great staple and an investment in one when it comes to luxury products? Watches are high on demand, it’s a nice gift all year round. Don’t worry girls, there are also a growing number of local brands for women too!
  9. Reusable bags – Singapore has the campaign for green bond rush, and local people are very supportive of this. They love sustainable products like reusable products, and reusable bags are one of those, they love these kinds of products as they carry things most of the time.

Knowing the target audience and eCommerce trends in Singapore is the key to any successful online business. If salespeople know who spends, what their budget is, and how they choose to spend it, they can design sales and marketing strategies to attract customers and increase sales.