Things Small Business should do before the year ends

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Most of the time small businesses are busy especially when it’s the end of the year, because they need to do a lot of things such as invoices, year-end accounting, and many more. And it’s 2022 already, so let’s all work smart, okay?I will give you 4 tips on what are the things you should do before the year ends to finish the year right! Ready?

Make your customers feel how important they are

Whether it is a year end or not, of course, you should always make your customers feel their importance. But making them feel special and happy is another story. You could send them an appreciation email at the end of the year. Take this time as well to tell them that you might be working skeletal during holidays, – to avoid frustration from them. But don’t worry! Tell them that they are welcome to message you if they need anything. You have to communicate with your customers clearly to avoid confusion. And this might be the start of your good relationship with them. Inside or outside work! 

Appreciate your employees

It’s the time of the year again for some appreciation for the people who work hard for your company. Yes, remember your business success depends on the strength of your team. It’s very important to show appreciation to your team and acknowledge the hard work they’ve put in during the year. You could simply host a year end party, bonus or simply a thank-you means a lot, I’m sure! 

Backup your files

Yes, it is very important to back up your files every year for safety purposes. Especially when you run your business from a small number of computers, we don’t want to return to work losing so many files! That would be everyone’s nightmare. For us, cloud-based software is much recommended, but if you prefer the usb type, there’s no problem at all, too! Remember that It’s better to be sure than to be sorry. So protect your files before you go on a holiday!


Prepare your books and accounts before the year ends, it is important to organize your accounts so you can start anew in the following  year. This is also to avoid mixing transactions and invoices. 

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