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With an enviable position in the heart of Asia, Hong Kong is the regional home to many local and global companies seeking to manufacture, source and trade products. Whilst manufacturing takes place in Mainland China and Southeast Asia, many choose Hong Kong as a base due to higher value functions including design, R&D, prototype production, technology applications, quality control, supply chain management, business development and product marketing. The city’s status as one of the world’s busiest and most efficient international container ports makes it the ultimate base for regional and global logistics.

transport and industrial
As an international cosmopolitan, Hong Kong also enjoys a very well‑developed legal infrastructure and a strategic location, that’s why we set up our headquarters here.
Jacky Chen
Chairman of the Board of China Wealth Machine Holdings Limitedinvest hong kong
We are fortunate that there is a really good talent pool in Hong Kong. When we have new projects, we can be confident that we can recruit people here without relying too much on our headquarters.
Mark van Kalles
Contracts Director of Hargreaves Industrial Servicesinvest hong kong
Hong Kong is one of the world’s largest financial centres. It is also a major trading and logistics hub and the world’s freest economy. Having a presence in Hong Kong will undoubtedly benefit our expansion into overseas markets.
Li Xiaofeng
Executive Director of Vpower Finance Security (HK) Company Limited
invest hong kong
The connection within and beyond the city is exemplary. Other competitive edges include the flexibility in money transfer and payment terms and the free flow of information.
Jan Buelck
Managing Director, Hong Kong & South China of a.hartrodtinvest hong kong

Hong Kong’s prime location has created significant opportunities within the industrial and transport/logistics sector:

  • Aviation - A healthy demand exists for commercial and private airlines in both passenger and cargo services. The sector is boosted by the city’s growing number of businesses and leisure visitors while cargo for high-value, time-sensitive products remains in demand. Tax incentives for aircraft leasing businesses further enhances the city’s position as an international aviation hub.
  • Maritime - Hong Kong has one of the world’s largest shipping communities. 9% of the world’s merchant fleet call Hong Kong home and more than 800 companies provide an extensive range of shipping services.
  • Logistics - Hong Kong is the ideal place to develop a logistics and supply chain management business thanks to its free-port status, mature trading infrastructure and location. The industry is bolstered by increased trade with Mainland China and the region, opening doors for logistics providers with innovative technologies and services. Current areas attracting special attention include the supply, storage and distribution of high-end products such as art and wine.
  • Industrial - Its location in the Greater Bay Area and excellent transport links to Southeast Asia makes Hong Kong the ideal base to supervise sourcing and manufacturing. Today, the city remains a major exporter of light consumer goods such as textiles, finished garments, accessories and electronics.

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