Why people need to earn Money?

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Tammy : Here’s another episode of our weekly podcast, Again I’m Tammy together with Ray, we are from the Unipro Consulting Limited. Hi Ray!

Ray : Hey Tammy, what’s up?

Tammy : Nothing much, what about you?

Ray : Been a little bit busy these days, many business ideas are coming to my mind, and it really makes me happy thinking of business.

Tammy : Me too! There are a lot of things I wanted to do, but I just don’t know how to make it happen, maybe it’s just too many ideas that I don’t know where to start.

Ray : Yes, sometimes, too much idea will just keep you holding on to those ideas and not really having a chance to make it happen. So what I really do is, I write down all my ideas and plans which are feasible, eliminating those which are impossible to do as of the moment, and I think I can suggest you to do the same, since it’s effective on me.

Tammy : That’s a nice suggestion I guess. I would probably do the same!

Ray : You should, because it helps you with your business plans.

Tammy : Agree, and it’s impossible for me to do all things at the same time, it might not work nor be successful.

Ray : And remember that planning takes a lot of time, days or even years, it doesn’t work through overnight. Well, if you really want to be a successful business owner, at least you should make a solid business plan.

Tammy : Our podcasts are mostly about business, like helping people build their business or a start up business. Now let me ask you this, Why do people do business?

Ray : Well, I guess it’s simply because (1) That’s what they love to do or (2) They need to earn money and become rich.

Tammy : If you would ask me, my answer would be the latter part. I want to earn and be rich! Well, my plan is to retire at the age of 45. How I wish I can do that!

Ray : I’m sure you probably will! Of course working hard and saving for your retirement comes a big role in your plan.

Tammy : True! So I read an article about why people want to make money, it says that 70% of the people do business for a living, to cover living expenses, while the others cited that they want to have control over the future like independence on their own.

Ray : Yes, of course if you have your own business you will be independent to do what you want to do, not unlike if you are employed, you will have to work for other people and don’t have much control of your time.

Tammy : You know what, I agree with this, being employed gives you no power of controlling your own time, but being employed is not a bad thing too! Based on my experience, before I started joining Unipro, I tried to build my own Language Center here in the Philippines, I have 2 partners with me. It was actually tougher than I expected. Most probably we failed on our  marketing strategy, and soon we closed it down. It gave me a realization that doing business is not actually as easy as 123. Great planning, business models and marketing strategy are really important. It also makes me realize that I prefer being employed than doing business, because of the headache I experienced. I must say it’s an expensive learning journey for me. But Glad I tried it or else I will still be wondering until now what could it be running your own business.

Ray : That’s actually a great experience, as you know not everyone has the opportunity to build their own business. It might be an expensive learning experience for you, but what is most is what you learned from that experience. A wise man once said, “your experience is your great teacher.” And this is actually I want to tell our listeners too, that don’t be afraid to fall, the important thing is you know when and how to get up. Falling is part of everyone’s journey, but getting up will depend on you.

Tammy : Yes, and I experienced it on my own. I got up and joined the Unipro, my happy place!

Ray : Glad you are happy with us!

Tammy : Of course, and to tell our listeners that if you wanted to do something, aim for it, reach for your goal. There are a lot of business opportunities out there. Just plan it well!

Ray : That’s right! If you are planning to set up a company and don’t know where to start, send us a message for consultation. We are very happy to assist you.

Tammy : Yes yes of course! So now the question is, why do you think people earn money? Like for what?

Ray : As you mentioned earlier, it might be because for the living or just aiming for self – indepence or maybe being their own boss is a motivation for themselves, actually a business is something you can pass on to generation to generation.

Tammy : Oh yea! Like here, we have a restaurant that was built in the 1970’s, a great granddaughter who is actually running the business right now. It’s history already!

Ray : See! So building your own business can pass down. 

Tammy : Agree! And for me who doesn’t have any business, my reason for earning would be for living. Though the cost of living here in the Philippines is not expensive, at least I got to buy and eat what we want, education for my son, bills and expenses at home. This would probably be my main reason why I need to earn money. 

Ray : And I think that would also be the reason for most of the people. And maybe aside from that main reason, people would go traveling if they have extra money.

Tammy : Yes yes! Oh how badly I wish this pandemic will be over soon!

Ray : I know! Don’t forget to save for your retirement at 45!

Tammy : Oh yea! That’s on my top list!

Ray : The generation now is different from before, where grown up children support their parents when they get old. Unlike now, some don’t really expect their child to support them, so planning and investing for your retirement is a must.

Tammy : Yes, that’s a tradition way back before that actually still happens in some families. But I guess, they should stop giving that requirement to their children, because their children will soon have their own families too that they need to support. 

Ray : Yes, earning more money can mean you have more choices but it does not guarantee you will make the right choices, so you still need to understand the concept of saving, spending and investing. 

Tammy : Like if you want to spend more, you should save more, and if you invest more, you have to earn more. 

Ray : Unfortunately, with loans available everywhere, people tend to forget the importance of earning money. 

Tammy : For me, it is better to teach the younger generation now the importance of money.

Ray : And that would be the most powerful thing to do, that money is an important part of life, and so many choices depend on our ability to earn it. Only when you work to earn money can you appreciate how hard it can be.

Tammy : Yes, and kids who are constantly given things have a tough time learning this important life lesson that hits you hard as an adult. Some adults might have a hard time learning the lesson to earn well because they were given privileges when they were young. 

Ray : Yes, and you know what? To sum up all, why people need to earn is just because of “Financial freedom”, what does it mean? It means that you can travel, retire early, spend on things you want and live comfortably. Teach the young ones the importance of money.

Tammy : Financial freedom and independence!

Ray : Seeking financial freedom is like climbing a high mountain slowly. There are obstacles along the way, and you need to find your motivation and inspiration that will get through you in the journey to the top of the mountain of financial freedom.

Tammy : Some people might get tired climbing the high mountain, but ask yourself, why do you get up in the morning? Why do you go to work? It’s actually normal to feel tired and exhausted. But always remember your goal. The “Financial” Freedom.

Ray : Success takes time and significant effort over the long term. So asking yourself “Why” everyday is a good thing, keep on asking yourself “why do you wake up in the morning?” Why do I work?” and “why do I want to be financially free?” You know the answer, and you will get motivated by that!

Tammy : Actually, That’s true! You know your life’s purpose too! 

Ray : Yes that’s definitely true! 

Tammy : So again, after listening to this podcast, go ask yourself the “why’s”. Start planning your future.

Ray : And go build the business you desire. 

Tammy : If you need any business consultation just email us or reach out to our social media accounts found on the screen. Thanks Ray for the interesting topic today!

Ray : My pleasure, until the next podcast!

Tammy : Bye!

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